Can LPN's administer botox and fillers

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I have worked in the cosmetic/plastic/reconstructive industry for 8 years now in the state of Virginia.
    I have thoroughly searched the VA board of nursing website to see if there are specific rules and regulations regarding whether or not LPN's can administer Botox and fillers (such as Juvederm and Restylane), but I can not seem to find any clear answers.

    I am currently working towards my RN and plan to become and injector, as I know RN's can administer injections...but in the mean time, does anyone know the specific rules here?

    -You may feel that LPN's are not qualified for such work, but as many of us have learned throughout the years, most of what we have learned has been on-the-job training

    Thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   ashjann
    The VA Board of Nursing wrote me back. I will elaborate later, but LPN's can administer Fillers and Botox! Per email response that I received. Their are no rules or regulations directly confirming one to be able to administer specifically Fillers and Botox, however, do to the injections being medication-under supervision of personnel (Doctor), injection of medication is allowed.

    This may strike some people as a bad thing, LPN's being able to inject...but if you work in the medical field you may relate in that experience learned on the job is priceless and immeasurable compared to ones credentials acquired in school. Though I have not yet investigated further, I am sure that there is specific training that one must undergo to be certified as an injector.


  4. by   PJAAA
    yes they can, I had one do my botox and did a wonderful job. She had to go for special training.
  5. by   ashjann
    I'm so glad you had a great experience!
  6. by   mercyt
    Can someday tell me if the RNs can administer Botax? Thanks Mercy
  7. by   awildflower1972
    I am an LPN and in the process of becoming an RN. However, I have always been drawn towards the aesthetics part of nursing, i.e; Botox, fillers, etc. Does anyone know of programs in Utah where I can get the training to do injections? I saw that a gal in VA is an LPN and was told by the nursing board she can do injections now under a physicians supervision. I am going to email the UBofN to see if this is true in Utah. Thanks for any feedback.

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