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advisement on adult np clinical placement in maryland

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hello everyone

i will soon be moving to maryland and would like advice on clinical placement for an adult np student. my online program-suny-stony brook-gives a few places, but i wanted more options, considering it might be competitive. i would be looking in anne arundel, baltimore, and d.c. area. any help is appreciated !

zahryia, LPN

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Park West Medical Systems may be an option.


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Honestly the best thing I can tell you is to check out the Maryland State Association of NP's I know that the NPANY (Nurse Practitioner Association of New York) has a preceptor list which is available to it's members and those who are willing to be a preceptor add themselves to the list and they tell you their speciality and their contact info so that you can get in touch with them. I'm starting my last clinical in June and I found my preceptor using this method, so I think it's worth a shot for you. :o


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