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what would you advise?

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by sweetiez sweetiez (Member)

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im trying to debate weather to just go do generals for 2 years then apply for The RN program. in hopes i'll get in .

Or take the required generals i need to get into the LPN program and do that. Then working and try to apply for RN programs after all that?

But i hear getting Hirred as an LPN is hard because they want RN's. Im just confused on what to do!:idea:

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It largely depends on your life. If you would like to have something that you could make a decent buck with while working toward your RN then the LPN route is excellent. It is usually a little easier to get into the bridge programs than the straight RN. Jobs in LTC should be plentiful.

I decided to go the LPN route first because I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to be a nurse but I figured I could put up with a year of most anything and at least get a certificate out of it. Also, it didn't take me 2 years (quasi-parttime) to get all my RN pre-reqs done, are you sure it would have to be that long?

Good luck with whatever you decide. Jules

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