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So as you can see from my username, I am a (unhappy) PTA in a SNF still searching for my dream job. I am on this forum to gain more insight into a career as a LPN before I set my cap to it, so to speak. The world of physical therapy in geriatrics/SNF has certainly turned out to be more stressful and mind numbing that I could ever imagine. I could go into a huge rant about the efficacy of PT treatments, the ridiculous medicare minute requirements, and productivity pressures, but that would take waaaay to long. The main point is, I am SO sick and tired of being forced to regulate how many mins I spend with my patients and being unable to care for my patients in the way that I feel is right. Quick examples: getting a patient water, helping them get on a bed pan, other BASIC necessities of life. To be clear, I DO those things for my patients because I CARE, but ultimately I can not bill medicare for them and therefore that time spent counts against me as "unproductive minutes." Frustrating.

My hope is that a career as an LPN (with the possibility of becoming an RN) would be a great way for me to care for my beloved geriatric patient population without being squished by medicare standards and billing. I know that as with any job, there will be stresses, but what do you find to be personal con's as LPN in a SNF setting. Any advise/thoughts are greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for reading.

Being an LPN in long term care sounds like it would be a lot more of what you're trying to avoid. Healthcare is big business from any angle. The major difference, perhaps, is that you'll deal with many patients at once instead of seeing them one at a time. And as "coordinator of care", you'll also deal with absolutely everyone else who has anything to do with the patients.

Thank you for your advise!

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