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I am currently a CNA student that works in Home Healthcare. I know this is the right field for me but have decided that I am more interested in the field of mental health, (i.e. becoming a Psychiatric Nurse).

My fiancé and are soon to be married, and have thought about moving to Europe. I will automatically obtain a citizenship for the country of Bulgaria, due to his background, As well as my current US citizenship... I was wondering how I might get into this particular field in either Bulgaria or Romania.

I'm not even really sure if there is a program specifically for a MNA there or not.

I am also open-minded to work in Orphanages as well.

I realize the conditions of the institutions within Eastern Europe, I know that the education is different as well as the standards and procedures.

I am looking for any advice regarding programs for certification(s), the process, training, education, work, sources, schools, agencies, etc.


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Hi ,

Your situation seems easy to resolve…once you establish yourself in Bulgaria you apply to one of their accredited nursing schools. As far as I know there are college (3years) or university (4years) level schools and then once you have your nursing license you find a job in a psychiatric unit.

Good luck.