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Advice for a 22 year old nurse


It's been a year since I took the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examinatoin. I've attended trainings and seminars and I've take the IELTS and did rather well. I received my NCLEX eligibility letter last week and I intend to review for it a a few months and take the exam ASAP. As far as work experience is concerned, I have none due to the current situation in the Philippines. My long term goal is to work outside the country. With that being mentioned, what should I do after the NCLEX (assuming that I pass) to work in the UAE, Australia, New Zealang or the US? Any advice from nurses that live and work in any of the countries mentioned, will be very much appreciated.

You are looking at five years plus, would focus on going to another country to work first.

aftre you NCLEX-Rn exam you better go to countries that accpet newly graduate nurse like middle east while waiting for your slot in the US. since it will be going to take ou some time.

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