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Hi! I am contemplating returning to school for my BSN -- and then who knows what? Nursing seems wide open! My question is the following: how tough is it to work while in a BSN program. I already have a BA and an MA (so studying/school doesn't bother me) -- and plan to work as an EMT-P, two 24 hour shifts a week to make the ends meet and avoid debt. Can classes and rotations usually be arranged to leave two free 24 hour periods?

Hi there Stopnik! I work while in a BSN program, but not nearly that much....that would be a lot to try and undertake if you're planning on doing school full time (at least it would be for me). I'm pretty lucky because the jobs that I have allow me to work when it's convenient for me. In the program that I'm in, our schedules are so wacked out that I don't think I could work a regularly scheduled shift. I guess that part all depends on where you go to school. So, how does that work when you pull 24 hour shifts? Do you get to sleep, or are you busy, busy, busy that whole time? Wow...the thought of that leaves me feeling tired :)

on the area where you work. We do straight 24 shifts -- usually lots of chances for sleep -- all depends how busy you get! I was hoping to work one weekend day and one day during the week...

You will have your work cutrout for you. I worked as and ERtech (EMT) 4-10 hiour shifts and 5 - 8 hour shifts while going to nursing school. Why, because I had a family to feed and life dosen't stop for nursing school. 24 hour shifts may not be impossible while going to school but will definately make life unpleaseant particularly if you have a signifcant other that expects you to be awake and worse yet; functional. The important factor to consider is if your employer can or would be flexable if needed. Also check with the nursing program and see if they try to help scheduled your clinicals around your life. I was fortunate enough to have both an employer who allowed me some flexablity (with planning) and a school that realized that there really is a life outside of the campus. It will be an execise in time managment to say the least.

The experience as an EMT-P will be invaluable in school and you will find that many skills they are teaching you'll already be profcient at. Also much of the theory/ knowledge you have obtained as a paramedic will be repeated in nursing school. This is what made it easier for me. Often while others were cramming and trying to digest pages upon pages of new material much of it was review for me for the first couple semesters.

Good luck in your endevors.

my first year i had tuesday and thursdays off (we dont start clinicals until 3rd year, second year i had mondays off, 3rd year i had fridays off, and next year i only have one class on mondays.

Having a BA and an MA might mean that you have almost no gen. ed requirements to do, so it could be possible! Your experience will be a great asset, so you might have things even better!

Go for it, be as flexible as possible, and good luck!

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