Advice on unit to go to for new grad residency


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      Med Surg/Oncology
    • Cardiac step down
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I am a prospective May 2017 new grad from an ASN program. I recently had a phone interview with a nurse recruiter at a local hospital for a new grad residency. She set up interviews with 3 nurse managers with available positions. None of these floors are my top three choices, so I was looking for advice and input about these kind of floors in general. The first floor is a med surg/oncology floor. The second floor is a cardiac step down and the third is telemetry.


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You need to ask about patient to nurse ratios on each unit, the turnover on each unit, and you need to shadow on each unit to see what the culture is like. Each of those units will teach you so much.

Thanks for the reply. Those are great suggestions of questions to ask when I go for my interview. I will definitely take your advice.