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Advice on UNC Chapel Hill?

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Greetings. I've been accepted to the accelerated 2nd BSN program at UNC Chapel Hill. Is there anyone in this forum who is familiar with that school, or could recommend it? I live in California, and I have very little information about the school or area. What is the school's reputation? Strengths? Weaknesses? What is the community in Chapel Hill like? Any information would be helpful.

Thank you very much.


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I am not familiar with the accelerated BSN program at UNC-Chapel Hill, but I have heard good reports about the nursing program overall at UNC-CH. UNC-CH is prestigious, almost like an IVY league school, and it is quite an honor to have gained an out-of-state admission, as these slots are very limited.

Chapel Hill itself is charming and beautiful, but expensive and crowded. The climate is moderate, with "shirt sleeve" weather often until late November or December. The culture is very similar to Southern California.

Hope this helps :)

I am in the second degree accelerated bsn program at UNC-ch. Have you been accepted to the traditional or accelerated BSN program? Overall, I've been very happy with my education. The reputation is excellent and UNC memorial hospital offers UNC students a work contract to help pay for tuition....not sure why they don't tell the applicants they accept about it until orientation.

Chapel Hill is one of the most expensive places to live in NC, but nowhere near the cost of living in CA. I was able to get a great 1 bedroom apt close to campus with all the amentities you could ever want for literally half the price of what it would have cost me in Los Angeles. So...for me, Chapel Hill is really cheap. But everything is relative.

I too moved to NC from CA. Have lived in both northern and southern CA, but grew up near L.A. I'm new to the forums so if you can figure out a way to PM me and i can figure out a way to receive it, I'd love to tell you more about the program and the area. I was kind of nervous to pick up and move cross country to go into debt to start a new career, but its all been worth it.

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