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I am a Canadian RN who is going to be writing my NCLEX on July 13th and want to move to Texas (or somewhere warm) in the next few months. Any advice on which travel company I should use or not use? Any advice would be helpful. I am moving with my husband and 3 kids. I have 11 years experience with 8 and half of it in Cardiology/CV Surgery. Any advice on a smooth move would be helpful as well. We are wanting to live in the Houston area but are not set on it.

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I am also looking for info on Travel Nursing. Right now, I'm still a student. After I graduate I'd like to go into travel nursing. What types & how much experience is best? Any companies better than others? Where are the best places to work after graduation for experience that's needed to be a travel nurse? I know it sounds like I'm getting ahead of myself, I just am trying to correct issues with decisions I've made with my life. I'm ready to do the things I've always wanted to do. Any help & advice I could get, I'd really appreciate. Thanks


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I can't tell you which companies are best, but I can tell you I would never work for Medical Express or any AMN owned travel company again. They treat you like a number not a person and are not concerned with your needs as a nurse.

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