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Advice on taking VA position or Float Pool?

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So I currently work weekend option at a hospital & have been for 3 years & can't wait to leave it. I applied for VA & after months & months of paper work & waiting, I finally received an official offer from VA making $8000 more a year than I do working weekend option. Initially, va said I would rotate shifts but after speaking with the nurse manager of va, she informed me that I would indeed be working nights. Six 12 hour shifts & one 8 hour shift a pay period. Im a single mom & have a toddler son & family would be able to help here & there (when I thought rotating shifts) but not sure I can handle straight nights. Then, I was informed that a day shift float position at my current hospital is available & the pay is same as weekend option but only requires 1 weekend a month. I here how crazy I would be to turn down a va spot & people keep saying get your foot in the door & transfer bit you have to work 1 yr before you can transfer. Hands down va benefits are WAY better than my employer but.. is it worth it? What would you do?


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It's been a while since your initial post, what did you decide on?