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Hi everyone. I started out a business major in college and the decided to change my major to nursing. I HAD only microbiology and A&PII left to go before I could apply, and now my school has decided to add Chem. with lab and I believe College Alg. to be accepted. Quite frankley, I have been going at this forever and I'm tired of waiting. At the earliest, I can apply for the program next September and start in January of '11. I had an idea. Another community college in my area (fccj) offers and LPN program. If I did that, by the time I would have even been able to start the RN program, I would be done with the LPN program, and then I could do the bridge option to RN, and I could be making some money and experience while I continue with RN school. Also, if I did go the LPN route, how much addition school would I have to do to get the RN? Has anyone done this? I need all the advice I can get. I want to do something that isn't going to waste my time or money. Please ANY advice is welcomed!! (BTW, my current school is SJRCC, it's very competitive) thanks everyone


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You are wanting to go into a lesser program, so that you can get a certificate you don't want and have to keep going to school to get the degree you do want because you are tired of going to school. Does that sum up your questions?

You need to get online and check out the requirements for all the programs you are thinking about. No one is going to know what you will need to do because every school is different. Talk to the advisors about what you want to do. They will be able to lay out your options.

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Okay, perhaps the advice was a little abrupt, but it kind of rewords your original post in a way you may not have considered. I know several LPNs who say to go for your RN instead of doing the bridge program. LPN positions are not as plentiful as you may think. Many I have spoken with have delayed doing the bridge program because "life" happened once they finished LPN school.

Oh, and if you think people on this board are a-holes, just wait until you start working with patients...and doctors...and family members! It's just part of the real world out there.

I know several people who have done the bridge program, everyone has different preferences and if that's something your interested in doing, then do it, don't listen to other opinions. I don't know how it is there, but I would think relatively the same as here when you go to do LPN and come back to the school to do the bridge for RN, those classes will still be required in order to graduate because that's the school's qualifications and it usually doesn't change just because you have a different degree. Does that make sense? So for me personally I'd just finish the classes and then while you're in nursing school, you'll have less stress than that of other classes and can focus all your time on just nursing, rather than working as an LPN, doing the bridge to RN, and having to complete those classes. I understand completely though about being frustrated with having to wait and get all the pre reqs and so forth. I just started my 3rd year and was sure I wasn't going to get into the nursing program and if I didn't, I was contemplating doing the LPN then RN, but I got in, so it changed things. Goodluck to you though.