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I'm applying for a couple of scholarships at the university I'm transferring to (hoping to get accepted into their BSN program).

The first question on one of these apps is "List all college activities including clubs, sports, and organizations in which you are currently a member of and any offices you currently hold."

Do you think I should leave that totally blank (looks pathetic LOL)? I haven't really been involved with college activities since 1) I live 70 miles from campus 2) I take most of my classes in satellite locations or online 3) most of the orgs at this school don't invite part-time students, only full-timers. I do have a scant few other community involvement things (PTA type org at my son's school, blood donor, church pianist) that I'm going to list, but there's a separate question altogether for community involvement anyway.

So do you think I should or put some sort of sentence of explanation about why I have no school related activities? I'm just worried that'll sound kind of whiney, but like I said it looks pitiful just leaving it blank

Keep your fingers crossed for me folks... the interviews for these scholarships are next weekend (Feb 21st)! :)


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Hmmm. Good question.

If it were me, I wouldn't go into it too much. Maybe say something like "none - part-time, commuting student"

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Thanks Amy.

Someone else suggested I put this: "Due to the fact that I live 60 miles from campus, hold down a full-time job, and am a mother of two, I am not able to participate. Please see below for other activities in which I am involved:" She said surely put something in that blank because they might throw out my app altogether if it's not completely filled out.

Another person told me that sounded like an excuse and was even more pathetic than leaving it blank. :o

So I don't know what to do. :o


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When in doubt, keep it short & sweet. I'm sure that isn't the only factor they'll be looking at & they'll get the main jist of your situation by reading the whole application.

It is tough. But I'm sure they realize that not everyone going to school is 18-22 & spending all their time on campus. These are the days of the non-traditional student & most of us are not involved with on-campus activites because of your stated reasons. Me, I don't live but 15 minutes from campus, but I work full-time & have a family...and I'm 33 for goodness sake...I'd look ridiculous jumping around at college events! LOL!

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