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Hi Everyone,

I'm thinking of becoming an RN. I'm currently taking a couple of prerequisite so that i can get into an accelerated BSN program. I currently have two undergraduate degree unrelated to health. My long term goal is to hopefully make it to a graduate level to perhaps a crna (perhaps i'm dreaming too much!). My overall GPA is about 3.1. I have a few Cs and a D with a couple of Ws.

What are my chances of becoming an RN and possibly making it to the graduate level? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Also, do nursing school look at the total overall GPA of classes taken or do they only look at the GE courses taken because i have taken numerous classes for both undergrad degrees as well as just for leisure.

At the moment, i have a pretty good job and making pretty good money (about 68k a year). Being an RN and going into that field is something i have always wanted to do. Supporting my family, and trying to make ends meet financially have always prevented me from having the time to do a nursing program. In last few years i have been able to save alot of my salary and am ready to take a year or so off from work so i can go to nursing school full time.

Would anyone advise against this? How tough is it for an entry level RN to find a job southern california? Being an RN is something i am very passionate about. At the moment i am ready to give up my current job to start this new career path. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Advice with school or or which school has a fast RN or BSN program or anything relating to my choices would be greatly appreciated.


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click on the link titled 'students' you will find lots of advise on this topic...good luck


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Thanks for the info. Sorry i am new to this site.

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