Advice for Reading and English/language (TEAS V)


Well this morning I had my first attempt at the TEAS V over at Sacramento State. I felt so confident, but in the end, I was 2 points away from getting the 78% I need for my local ADN program (American River College). I scored 76.7% overall. I didn't fail by any means, but it isn't enough to give me the right amount of points to be put in the pool of applicants. ARC has a 90 day wait between attempts, so I'll be taking it again August 27th. I feel like I got super lucky in regards to being able to take it again, and being able to take the TEAS 6 if it need be.

I personally felt that I scored extremely well in the math (90%) and science (83.3%). However, I scored in the 60's for Reading and English/language. For reading, the ones that hurt me the worst are the first 19 questions regarding passages (is it an expository? What's the logical conclusion? What type of passage? What's the authors purpose?). As for English/language, I pretty much need help on all that. You would think spelling is simple, but it's not. I get stuck on the pronoun/antecedents, subject/verbs, and EVERYTHING.

Is there any advice that can be given to help me score higher in those two sections? I used the ATI Study Manual, and then I purchased the McGraw Hill TEAS V practice exam book.



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So, write out the difference between expository, narrative, etc. Don't just get TEAS specific books. Get Reading Comprehension books! Subject and Verbs was the hardest for me so I went on a site called union test prep they give you tons of practice. The rules are complicated but once you get it it'll be a breeze.


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I borrowed the 'Idiots Guide to Grammar' which had worksheets and explanations. I recommend going to the library and borrowing grammar books that have questions at a similar level to the TEAS.