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Advice for Prep for the FPMHNP Boards

by jebernhard jebernhard (New) New

I am graduating from an FPMHNP program in a few weeks and would like any advice on preparing for the cert exam. There is lots of info for the FNP folks out there, but how about for Psych?

Please do tell.


I am interested in this as I will just be started a psych program. If you wouldn't mind me asking, which school did you attend?

What settings did you do your clinical practice in, state hospitals, offices? What types of clients did you see most often? What sort of diagnoses?

Sorry, I don't mean to hijack your thread, but if we have a mini conversation here, it will keep your thread bumped to the top in hopes of getting your real question answered :)

Appreciate any help you could give, remember what it was like to be in my position!

I have been attending USA online in Mobile AL. It has been a good learning experience, good per credit tuition rate, and relatively poor responsiveness from faculty with the exception of my clinical instructor. My feeling is that many/most nursing schools don't have good professors as they are nurses first and teachers second. Although I have been frustrated at times, and most of the work is offered through the syllabus with little personalized instruction, the curriculum is what all schools must offer to be accredited. I did the work, and I learned a lot.

My program required that I find my own preceptors and this was a lot of work. But its online and 1000 miles away. And Psychiatry which means fewer students and fewer practitioners. The choice of setting was entirely mine, with the exception that half the hours were inpatient, half outpatient, and 60 hours of pediatric psych. Outpatient sites were Psych agencies offering med management appointments and counseling services, inpatient was on a mental health unit in a community hospital.

Good luck and don't get discouraged.


Thank you so much for that response! I will be going to Wilkes University which is mostly online, with some classroom stuff. The university is only 45 minutes from me.

Greatly appreciated!

Last question, for schooling, did you have to do a lot of theory work about Sigmund freud, erik erikson, and all those theorists? I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to understanding and comprehending there work; it was my struggle in my undergrad.