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My cumulative GPA is a 2.745 with a BSN. I was originally a pharmacy major and took prepharm classes that brought my GPA down. After 3 years of prereqs and 3 yrs of keep trying to get into my local pharm school, I switched to nursing. My final cum GPA is 2.745. I am planning to retake my inorganic, organic, micro, A&P, and Biochem. If making all A's in these courses, that would bring my last 60 hours GPA up to about a 3.6. Would that be enough and a strong GRE to be considered for admission to ANY CRNA school across the country. Thanks for the advice.


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Well, it depends. How much experience do you have? In what kind of ICU? Because of your GPA issues, you will need more than 1 year to be competitive. Have you done extensive shadowing? Do you know a fair amount about CRNAs (including political issues facing the profession)? Do you have any certifications? I recommend ACLS, PALS, CCRN at a minimum. CSC and/or CMC to help you stand out. The best thing to do is contact programs you are interested in and explain your situation. Some might be more open than others, and hopefully this will save you in app fees if you know the school will not consider you. Good luck!

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