ADVICE PLEASE R/T returning to Nursing School


Hi there! I am currently an LPN. My story is a bit unusual but I am desperately reaching out for advice from others in the nursing profession. I have worked as an LPN for 2 years now. I love caring for others and the opportunities nursing has to offer. early in my career I started experiencing debilitating anxiety. I began having difficulty with panic attacks and basically was told by my doc it was work related. I did not see myself getting better and went out on a whim and applied for a radio-logic sciences program in attempt to stay in the health field but not have the anxiety of a nurse. Well I was accepted and have successfully completed the first year (two year program) I have quickly realized that only taking xrays does not give me the fulfillment nursing did. I am torn because I now am weighing my options of completing this degree or jumping into the LPN to RN bridge program I was recently accepted into. Both are great careers but I am battling within myself of finishing what I started with radiology or leaving that program while I have the opportunity to jump back into nursing school this go round. My anxiety level has decreased greatly bc I only work part time as a LPN while in school. I do still suffer panic attacks these days but theyre not as fueled by the radiology field as nursing did. MEntal health versus fulfilling career?! Help Please!!

Specializes in critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU.

What do you really want to do, where do you want to be in five years, best wishes