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  1. Hello people,
    I'm an ICU nurse here in wet old Ireland. Now that we are back to work after our first ever national strike, I considering going to a warmer climate! It was cold on the picket line! Any advice about exams ect would be appreciated.
    Many thanks
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  3. by   curliegirlie
    Hi, I obtained a licence in the USA by writing the NCLEX exam for the state I was interested in working in. I took a week long course to get ready to write the exam because it had been years since I wrote that important an exam. The exam is written in the states on computer at a Sylvan learning center. I passed the first time although I held my breath until I heard I had passed. LOL

    If you are interested in working in the USA there are many companies on line, both permanent and travel companies, that will help get you ready for a job there.
    Good Luck.

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  4. by   Sian
    Have you considered Australia or New Zealand? Both areas have chronic shortages in ICU nursing, and neither require you to sit any further exams - you would easily get full registration and work permits. I can recommend Australian nursing in particular (I haven't worked in NZ for nearly 10 years but I believe conditions are similar to Oz). I worked in Australia until January of this year and found morale and working conditions seemed to be moving up after the unsettled late eighties and early nineties. There are abundant opportunities for further education and career advancement too. Think about it and good luck!
  5. by   egmillard
    Depending on where you are planning to work, you will need to either obtain the NCLEX exam or the CGFNS exam. Most states require that you take the CGFNS exam before you can sit the NCELX. is the website to go to for that one. You should probably decide where you want to go, and then call that particular board of nursing, they will tell you what you need, and advise you. If you are from the UK, then you will be familiar with how poor the wages are. In the USA the wages differ from state to state. You would be wise to check out the standard of living in certain areas before you choose. In Minnesota RN's start at 18$ an hour, which is about 13 UK pounds which is good I think. Although the winters are pretty cold, the summers are very hot. is a useful website, that should tell you everything you need to know. As far as employers go, you will need to find a company which will sponsor you. The Nursing Times magazine has an international section at the back, which sometimes lists companies in there. GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE THAT YOU FIND THE SUN, EMMA