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I am a foreign nurse with nclex rn . But I don't have an ssn .Am I eligible to endorse my RN licence to any other states. Is it possible for me to apply for H1b visa with a employer. THANKS... Read More

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    Quote from Snowleopard
    Neither I said "they" are in demand, nor I said it will be easy. Until their education is evaluated as equivalent to the U.S. BSN and they become WOC certified in the U.S., they are not eligible anyway. So no point for me to name specific places that have openings for WOC nurses now. The United States are big, and there are always options available for those who are persistent and didicated. I only provided the direction, if they are interested, they can do some further research, conduct job search, and market themselves. Got it?
    Whoa, sorry, if I touched off a nerve, wasn't my intentions, sorry, you took it that way.

    But you did, in fact, so state such nurses with those certain WOC certification are "in demand", re-read your own posting comments, as you said mentioned, see the last sentence comment:

    The question was not about your area. Immigrants are more flexible and are more likely to relocate comparing to the US citizen and LPRs. Believe it or not, there are areas where WOC nurses are in demand.
    I was only asking for my other friends, as I'm not interested in looking into this personally. Although, I do now question the validity of your comments made on this subject. But again, that's not for me to decide and will let my friends know to do their own research to see if what was said is correct information.
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