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  1. Dear fellow nurses,


    I have been a nurse for 12 years in my country( Ethiopia); and then came a time that I wanted to make a career change and I did. However, I knew that I will come back, and didn't realize that it is almost 10 years since my license expired. And I have decided that , I will make it happen no matter what. Currently I live in Dubai, and they do not have a refresher course or anything that encourages nurses like me. So I wanted to give USA a try.

    So I did the CGFNS CES report last year( and also English proficiency) And thanks to this site, I am aware of the next steps to follow , but I am stuck in the " taking NCLEX" part; I am so scared to take the exam; but I will do it.

    My question is..
    • what are the possibilities of me getting back to nursing?
    • After I passed the NCLEX ,can the BON accept me to practice even if my license expired long time ago?Or do I have to go to school anew?

    I really appreciate if you can explain. Many thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Ethio.yod
    CGFNS is the one that gives your info to the board once they accept you..the BON shouldn't have a problem they usually just send
    you an ok to test
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Some BONs will ask for history and may make a refresher course part of the requirements. Best thing to do is read their website and ask them is still not sure