Want to emigrate to the US? Be prepared to wait for 10-20 years

  1. In case somebody does not know, the House of Representatives has passed "Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2011" (HR 3012) which eliminates per-country quotas in employment based categories and increases per-country caps in family based categories from 7% to 15%. The total number of visas does not increase. This means that if the Bill passes Senate and becomes a law, 85% to 100% of all visas will go to India and China (because there are the most retrogressed). The rest 15% - 0% will be shared among all others. This will create a huge retrogression for everybody who is not from India/China.
    Currently, the Bill is on Hold in Senate and negotiations continue. If this Bill become a law, people from countries other than India and China will have to wait for additional 5 - 10 years for their priority date to become current.
    If you don't like this idea, contact Senators (especially Harry Reid and Chuck Grassley) and express your opposition to the Bill.

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  3. by   steppybay
    I have heard from many in PH that there's a very strong lobbying forces between China and India to get this bill passed. The two countries have been supporting inside ways and it helps they both have lots of money to toss around to get the agenda done.