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  1. Hello. I am a UK trained nurse who has long held an ambition to emigrate to Canada (specifically Nova Scotia). I have received notification from the CRNNS that I am to undertake a SEC asessement (the 5 day one)!

    My main question is: If I am to undertake further study after the SEC can I do this in the UK? I am nervous re the assessment as despite having received peads, obs and mental health education during my training it was some time ago and I specialised in adult nursing where I now have 12 years experience (mainly ICU).

    I was apprehensive re the CRNE as it was, to discover I have to undertake a 5 day assessment/exams has not eased the situation, but I am determined!

    Any advise from anyone who has undertaken the SEC and/or subsequent courses/additional training as a result would be greatly appreciated. Any UK trained nurses experience of the SEC?

    Many thanks
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    Although I didn't have to do the sec assessment I did have to do some courses to meet CRNNS and was distant learning. I was offered SEC however I had already started the coursework so decided to finish the courses instead which I found helped me with the CRNE. You may be able to do them in the UK and you will need to check with the college and they should be able to put you in touch with the person you need to speak to if courses are required. I remember being told that some UK nurses where doing the courses in the UK but that was a couple of years ago
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    Thank-you so much for your reply Silverdragon. I will investigate further! Apologies for posting in the wrong place!