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  1. I have just graduated with a general nursing degree at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, UK. I am currently employed by the NHS on an acute medicine of the Elderly ward and working overtime in other areas. I was wondering how I find out information on emigrating to the USA preferably California. I understand that this is a long and expensive process which will give me enough time to build up my clinic experience and savings first. I would also like to find out how I would bring my long term boyfriend to the USA with me.
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    Suggest you read up on a couple of things. Retrogression and the wait of 6 plus years for a immigrant visa. Also suggest reading the CA state forum under the US tab above. Many US nurses are struggling to find work especially in large states like CA which will mean it will be hard to find a employer willing to wait the 6 plus years.. Unless you are married will be hard to bring your boyfriend with you unless he qualifies for a visa himself. You may be able to get B2 co-habitant visa if you have lived together for 1 plus years but he will not be able to work with it.

    Meeting state requirements will be the next issue and suggest you read the Nurse Registration forum as you must have clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Adult and Obstetrics plus clinical and theory hours have to be concurrent to which we are seeing International nurses being denied eligibility to meet their requirements. Also CA requires a US SSN before they will accept your application and that you can not get until in the US with a valid work/immigrant visa, there are also a few other states following this rule, although may accept your application but will not issue a license until you provide them with the US SSN