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Hi, Everyone! Some questions for those who recently became an RN or a CPN in Montreal, Quebec. 1) OIIQ now states on their website that regardless of one's studies and work experience, all... Read More

  1. by   JOPIN
    Hi Mia, thanks again and again for your wealth of information. Same in BC, 5 patients during the day and 7 patients during the night shift, for sure, the workload keeps you on your feet through out the shift, but nursing is such a very rewarding profession, aren`t we all so blessed to be in this profession. I am sure you are doing just well. I really do admire your courage, determination and perseverance, from the time you applied to where you are now, kudos to you girl! and you sharing information, thanks a lot really. Have a wonderful day.
  2. by   JOPIN
    Hi Mia, i am just now doing job search online and i have the opportunity to check postings in this site; for sure i will keep you posted with my jobsearch. My classmates and I met up right after the exam to discuss about it and there was a consesus amongsts all of us, we had no idea how we did in the exam, yes, you do prepare for it and our instructors adapted the same type of open ended question in our exams during our four years in nursing school but we still found that the exam was more on the application of practice, so i think i relate to how you feel, and like my classmates and I, we were uncertain how we did in the exam, but when we got the result, all of us passed. So I am sure you did well.
  3. by   RNPlaya
    Hi Ms. Mia,

    I found your post very helpful...I am currently working on my packet to be sent to the OIIQ....I've been living here in Montreal for over a year now and I should have sent my application way back...I regret that I focused on my Ontario application vs my Quebec application (knowing what I know now oh boy CNO is slow)....I graduated from nursing school 2009 with an RN-Diploma. I am Registered in Ohio and I have zero experience...Ms. Mia what work did you do when you got here? I am really in need of a job and I am so bored out of my mind right now...Hope you continue the way I am also a Pilipino.
  4. by   miasat
    Hi RNplaya. I was a sitter/caregiver/PAB for two homecare agencies in montreal. I did this until I got my papers from OIIQ. It's not a bad job, you get to practice your nursing skills in a way. I told the agency I prefer working as a sitter for patients confined in hospitals, so it sort of gave me a little peek on what goes on inside.

    i'm pretty sure you'd be qualified with your nursing degree. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the websites here but when I first came to the country, I applied online and sent them my resume. They call back almost immediately. Just do a google search for nursing agencies in montreal, and will sure to lead you to the agencies. Or you can send me a private message so I can give you the name of my agencies. I had a good time working with them, and coming straight from Pinas myself, I was able to practice my english.

    You can also try looking for private clients, but it's not as secure as having an agency. You can have both agency-clients and private. Bottomline is, it was a great learning experience for me. and it could be for you too. Best of luck!
  5. by   RNPlaya
    Ate Mia I'm fairly new to this website and I don't know how to send a pm yet. Is it okay if I call you Ate? I am 26 yrs old. Let me know if I'm older than you hehe...I found some agencies. I sent them my resume hopefully I'll get a call. Thank you so much! You are really helpful...Good luck!

    but I did google it and found some agencies
  6. by   rnaffah
    Hi Jopin and all nurses,I sent an email to the nursing order of Quebec,they told me no problem if I don't have a file number but in case I have they will accelerate my immigration process.
  7. by   rnaffah
    Hi MiaSat,thank you for your posts very detailled.I just have a question,as a foreign Nurse with more than 3 years studies in French do I have to take the French exam?
    What about the Nursing board of Quebec?is their book the only ressource for study?
    Thank you guys..
  8. by   rnaffah
    Hi Again,what I heard from a friend who is working in Montreal that the nursing order will submit your resume and get you a don't worry from now.
  9. by   rnaffah
    Hi Mia and thank you for the information regarding the exam,because I tried to google many times about the questions type of the exam but nothing posted.I just want to ask you what is the name of the review book you studied,is the reviewer book you mentionned 50$is the one to study thru or this is a supplement ?Thank you so much
  10. by   miasat
    hi rnaffah, the book title is "Preparation Guide for the Professional Examination of the OIIQ," the english version was released just this april. They also have it in french. There's this only one going around now, unless you want to get the old edition. the book pretty much explains everything about the exam, and is a good resource by itself. and yes, this is the whole book.

    About your question re the french requirement, you'd have to call OIIQ about that. But I know someone from Lebanon who studied nursing in french, and had to take the language exam.
    btw, really? the oiiq finds jobs for nurses? tell us more! thanks!
  11. by   rnaffah
    Mia,I met a Lebanese nurse coming from Montreal 1 month ago and she told me when they did the evaluation for her and the required months for her training they asked her to give them her CV and they will spread it in the hospitals.And this is what happened with her.She will do her exam in March.
    For the exam ,you can do it in English,no problem isn't it?
    For the French exam everybody's saying different stories.Hope everything will be fine with you.
  12. by   JOPIN
    Hi Mia,
    I just have some few questions regarding your permanent immigrant application. Did you then apply as an RN? You also mentioned thet you did not have an experience as an RN in the Philippines, isn`t that one of the requirements for a permanent immigration? I am interested to know because one of my nephews is a fresh graduate. If you could please be able to provide me more info on how you proceeded with your permanent immigrant application. I look forwarward to hearing from you.
  13. by   JOPIN
    Hi Rnaffah, regarding your question about OIIQ finding job for nurses, i don`t think they do, the cv that they require you to submit is part of your application but i don`t think they do forward the cv to hospitals, but the oiiq website has job postings, if you go on the services tab, you can access Banque d'emplois.

    Rnaffah, how far are you from your application? Have you received a file number already. you mentioned that once you get a file number, the immigration process could be accelerated. Hope your immigration application will go smoothly. Good luck.
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