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  1. good day to everyone. i'm new here and found this site at a perfect timing. i don't know who else could answer my query so to anyone who knows the answer please help. i am to apply for NCLEX in New York but can't send my application yet cause i've this problem with one of the forms, FORM 3 (verification of other professional licensure/certification). i am a reistered nurse in the Phils so from what i understand i need to send this form but i'm not sure to which authorizing body should i send the form for verification of my licensure. should it be to the one that issued my license? if so,then they'll be the one to send it back to New York? not sure if my query is really related to this thread but to anyone who could answer i'd be really grateful. thank you
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    CVS is required for New York and CGFNS will send relevant paperwork as that is what you pay for and agreement CGFNS and New York have
  4. by   uena
    i just asked nysed about that today. form3 should be sent to the licensing authority in US. if u take nlcex for example in california, you'll have to send it there and they'll be the one to send it to new york.
  5. by   bc3159
    Hello, I just arrived in NY last march and wanted to fillup the CGFNS CVS form for NYS, but I am very confused on filling up the educational part of the form, because I attended various elmentary and high school due to my parents moving alot...Can you send me or better explain How and where I put doun the elemtary and high scool information? Also do I have to put every school I attended in elementary and high school? Thanks for your help.