New grad from Toronto (Canada) wants to live and work in California (USA)

  1. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this permanent move and get a work visa? I am so confused as to how to start the process, or even find an agency that would work with me to finding a position. Also how much experience do I need/should I need before I can move out there?

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    Working in the US

    This is a link to U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, not one of those law firms who want to charge you a fee for something you could do yourself for free.

    California Board of Registered Nursing

    You can get information here about getting a license. I'm don't know how it works in Canada, but there is no national license in the U. S. Each state has its own licensing board, and you need a license for every state that you practice in. That is gradually changing, as 26 states have entered into a compact to accept one another's nursing licenses.

    Necessary experience depends upon the employer. From the accounts that I have read here, the market is tight for new graduates. Gaining a year or two of experience before you relocate might be beneficial.

    Most of the agencies around are travel agencies, and they generally won't take new graduates because of the degree of self sufficiency required.
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    Until in the US with a valid work visa you cannot applying to California as they require a US SSN which you cannot get until you have a valid work or immigrant visa. Plenty of threads in the Nurse Registration forum on registration with a state and once that is sorted can you look at work or immigrant visa
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    Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback
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    Thanks for the links! Appreciate it
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    I'm also from Toronto and wanted to work in California previously. You will have a lot of difficulty compared to other states and probably won't be able to apply at all because you will need a SSN (not SIN) to apply for endorsement once you pass the NCLEX. California BON will also ask about your hours in clinical placement in different areas like med/surg, maternity, etc. If you did not do these placements or acquire a specific amount of hours compared to CA residents, they will tell you that you need to make up these hours or re-enroll