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  1. Fisrt of all i want to say sorry for my english. I am the student of the nursing school in Russia. I have a green card. So i have 2 options now. First is to finish my education here in Russia and get my BSN(it takes me 2 years more), or second to move in USA now whiout a degree. I want to live in NYC and i understand that i have to pass the NCLEX . I've started to check the nursing positions in New York City, and every position i saw on or monster requires 2 - 3 years expiriance and a lot of this positions requires BSN from accreditated school(dont know if my school suits this because it has russian accreditation). So is it possible to get a job as a nurse with foreign degree and whiout experience? What do you think should i finish my school or forget about it and move to the USA now? Thank you.
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    Since your plan is to work as a nurse in the US it would be better from a licensing perspective to go to school in the US, as internationally educated nurses must go through additional assessments to ensure their education is equivalent to American nursing education. Also, the passing rate for NCLEX is much lower for foreign educated grads than it is for American educated grads, only about 35% foreign educated versus 85-95% American educated pass the exam.
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    If you go to school in the US and find after graduation that the New York job market is still a surplus market and employers still require applicants to have 2-3 years experience, you may want to apply to employers outside of New York state. It is not unusual for new grads whose local area is saturated with competition, to apply to work in areas that have a shortage of nurses. Once you have gained 2-3 years experience, you will be a more competitive applicant and more likely to receive a job offer with NYC employer.
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    Thank you for your answer. But which states is not saturated? Is it still possible to get the job there as foreign grad?
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    If you look at the top yellow banner of Allnurses under the US section, you may be able to get ideas about which states are hiring new grads and which are not, for example a new grad poster in the New York section reported difficulty getting work in NY but found it was easy to obtain work in Alabama. It might be possible for a foreign grad to obtain a nursing job but chances are, most employers will prefer to hire an American educated grad, who became familiar with the American technology, culture and communication when they attended clinical placements. Also, many applicants will have previous employment experience from whom they can obtain a reference, even if the prior employment was not in healthcare it will be better accepted than a foreign grads work experience in their home country.
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