irish nurse living in us how to get a visa to work ?

  1. I am an rn and have passed my nclex and reg with the board of nursing .I recently moved with my husband on his H1B visa and i am on h4 visa i can live here but not entitled to work .I really need to get a visa to work asap i did not realise it would be so difficult .I have been told that H1B is not a good option for nurses is this true .I really need advise .thank you .
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    H1b requires minimum of BSN or 12 plus years experience. Also with many US nurses struggling to find work then finding employer willing to pay $$$ for H1b will be hard. Green card is under retrogression (nurses generally go under EB3) and will take over 6 years at current processing time and no way for you to work whilst waiting unless you find a employer willing to go the work visa route. If born in Ireland you could try the diversity lottery
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  4. by   nurseeire
    Hi Sylvia, I'm kinda in the same position thinking of moving with my bf who is American to ca. I am having difficultly been allowed to sit the nclex, the state won't let me sit the exam due to deficient microbiology hours, by any chance did you have to sit extra mocrobiology hours?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    You will still find it hard to move with your bf due to difficulties in finding employer willing to go the work/immigrant route and with retrogression and a 6 plus year wait for immigrant visa and H1b is closed for this year unless it is with a employer not capped like university and you are required to have a minimum of BSN