How do I find a nursing college or Uni?

    1. I'm final year undergraduate nursing student in South Asian country. I would like to do my further studies in US and find a job there.Because nurses here do not pay well and no jobs offer still for graduate nurses in government sector.Because all the nurses who working in government sector are diploma holders. Do I need to join a accelerated degree program in order to take state licence? what should I do first... can anyone give me a valuable answer.. thank you
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  2. by   Ginger's Mom
    most schools require a license, to get information, you go to there web site. The job market is bad in the USA and you must meet immigration requirements to work. also you will need to have enough funds to live and go to school, about $30,000 a year and you will not be able to work. good luck.
  3. by   Viraji
    thank u....