How do I move my nursing license to another country?

  1. I'm pretty certain it is not just as simple as going to the other country but at the same time I've been wondering just how I would go about it. I've been thinking about moving to either Canada or England for a while but would like to bring my license over the easiest way.

    I have a current Associate's of Nursing license. I'm certain there's steps I gotta take like a visa and such things. But can someone help explain it easily for me. Websites confuse me because of the conflicting information.

    I've read that in Canada a US license can transfer then on the next site I read that it says that it cannot.

    Anyways any help would be amazing! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    The short answer is that if you are educated and licensed in one country, you will be required to go through an evaluation of your educational qualifications and eligibility for licensure in another country.

    Your degree will be assessed as far as its equivalency to the current requirements in the new country. Each country will be different with a their own respective regulations surrounding what an entry level nurse should be trained upon. There is no one single answer to this.

    Your RN license in the US does not automatically transfer to another country. You will need to meet requirements for licensure in the new country based on established regulations set forth by the new country's regulatory nursing board (or BON as we call it here). This may entail having to take the new country's licensure exam if it does exist.

    There is no fast or easy way, everyone goes through the same process as a foreign trained nurse licensed in a foreign country and rules will be specific for the country you will be applying for.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    UK does not currently accept ADN only BSN. As mentioned in previous post license in one country doesn't mean you can transfer to another. For Canada you have to meet provincial College of RN requirements and for most it is BSN although not saying ADN isn't accepted but may not be accepted. Then you have to pass CRNE to be able to work in Canada as a RN. Even meeting nurse requirements doesn;t mean you will meet the country's immigration requirements however a USC can use NAFTA to work in Canada