How do I know if my nursing degree abroad will be recognized in other countries?

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a middle eastern guy from Kuwait, I've been saving a lot of money to study Nursing abroad. I really want to become a Nurse and then immigrate to another country like Australia, UK, U.S, Canada and New Zealand.

    But Particularly Australia since I've lived there for a while.

    I can afford to study in the countries I listed but its really expensive so I was thinking instead I could study somewhere cheaper like the Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine etc where the cost of the whole degree is equivalent to the cost of 1 semester in the other countries.

    I can save a lot of money that way and be able to live much more comfortably.

    My question is, if I study in the cheaper countries will my qualification be recognized when I try to immigrate to Aus, U.S, Canada, etc?

    is there a way to check whether or not a Nursing degree or school will be recognized somewhere else?

    I'm really worried I will study somewhere for years and my qualification wont be recognized anywhere and then I cant immigrate. The schools I currently have my eye on are:

    Nursing | Official Site of Kharkiv National Medical University
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    No nursing degree is 100% recognized overseas. UK trains specialist nurses. AUS trains nurses as generalists except for obstetrics/maternity as they use midwives. The U.K. has a high number of hands on clinical time similar to the old hospital based diploma programs in the US. US & Canada train generalist nurses with clinical and theory in general, adult, geriatric, Pediatric, obstetric/women's health, and psychiatric/mental health. Western Canada offers specialize psychiatric RN (RPN) but in other provinces RPN is a registered practical nurse.

    If you are not a citizen of the Philippines you may have difficulty training there and you are ineligible for licensing. Many countries require a candidate be licensed in the country where they trained.

    There are many differences in nursing education and practice. It's always recommended to attend nursing school in the country where you wish to live and work as a nurse.