Help with my contract

  1. I was taken on by a recruitment agency in the USA. They found a job for me, the hospital told the lawyer to file the I-140, I paid extra for a speedy process, it was all cleared and I was given a date for the embassy interview.
    The hospital are now saying I can't have my contract yet and I have to keep postponing my embassy interview until they decide they want to send it and they have not given me a time frame or date.
    I have spent a fortune and they have me over a barrel does anyone have any thoughts about what I can do
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  3. by   YeXinZhi
    First of all who is the petitioner? Is it the hospital or the agency? It should say on your USCIS notice of receipt or notice of action.
  4. by   jayne3232
    Hi,it's the hospital
  5. by   YeXinZhi
    Quote from jayne3232
    Hi,it's the hospital
    Unfortunately you need that contract to get the visa. You can still attend the interview but without it they consul will invoke section 221g of the INA and refuse to give you a visa until you provide them that document.

    You are lucky to get a hospital directly sponsor you. Nowadays they almost always go through a staffing agency to minimise risk and financial loss.