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hello everyone.. I kinda need to know if my step in the process of my career is okey. I am going to accept an offer in Taif, Saudi Arabia on the same field that I am exposed in the Philippines.... Read More

  1. by   saint_rafael_RN
    I WOULD RATHER WORK HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES AS A NURSE!- these words came from those CIs who have worked in Saudi before that ive met from my school. They didn't speak much about it. dont know why..morover, i met one CI from a hospital i was assigned. she claimed she enjoyed Saudi because of higher salary and dated a married filipino guy for fun while she was there bcoz maybe she felt alone until her husband and children here in the Phil found out that she's been dating a married filipino guy in Saudi. hehehe!
  2. by   Barbie38
    I just want to add some important experiences that come flashing into my mind. Well..it is indeed very true that we need to wear our abayas( black long suit with a head cover) and this would allow you to walk in the streets or go malling with your friends..but there was an event that really scared me. One time, we were looking or shopping for cellular phones when we were being trailed by a disturbed saudi man. Gosh!! he was always behind us, that we have to stop in a store and get help from the owner.
    Another scary experience was when we were walking in the side walk .as we were about to enter the bank, a Saudi man who was about 6 feet tall walked passed us but left his palm on my forehead. Like a slap that hit my forehead...I was soo surprised that I could not move. The motion that he did was so fast or quick..that almost no one in my group witnessed it.
    One of my friends also had an experience of being poked on her butt..in between her upper legs..well..you know what this anatomical feature would be....It happened when we were about to board a bus going back to our work...
    you definitely are not allowed to stroll around the malls or to the market alone...never ever do that...
    In looking for a taxi, you cannot just ride into any taxi..but you have to ask a friend in the area if he/she has a Trustful taxicab driver...Even if you are in a hurry and there are about twenty taxis on queue, Forget it...
    About my Saudi patients, they are impatient..veryyyy impatient. They seem not to understand the word "Shuweya---" wait... BUT..i would say..if you are kind to them...they are real friendly to you...caring and become lambs ..They would give gifts and they would offer foods and even put money in your pocket.
    They are sensitive and they know a good nurse when they see one.....
    I just hope FILIPINAS(YES...FILIPINAS) would do their job well and treat them kindly even in a very tiresome duty schedule... because I think the problem stems here too.
  3. by   uniquenurse
    Going to Saudi will be a good stepping stone if you are planning to work in Western countries such as US or UK in the future. You will get advantage in terms of experience in international settings. I used to work in Saudi and I really enjoyed it. I found it easier to adjust when I moved here in the Uk because of my Saudi experience. Good Luck!
  4. by   vivy333
    Well currently am a nigerian residing in saudi arabia jeddah to be precise with my husband working as an engineer.This is my 3rd year here and most of the problems or rather some restricting listed here used to be true but not presently.I would say that they re more linient now than what they used to be,except for the fact that women doesnt drive.coming to religion christians are allowed to practise but that could be done indoors.I have been fellowshiping with a group of christians every sunday evening which i heard started about 7yrs ago.Some of my husband's filipino's friends has invited us on one occasion to their fellowship xmas party.But masses re not said yet. Again one of my friend's previously working with a military hospital just moved to US but she really liked it here too.For taif i ve never been there but those that have lived there said that the cost of living there is good to compare with other cities and the weather condition there is the best ,not too hot ,but can be too especially during winter period.Well wish you luck in whatever you decides.I can not contribute much in terms of their working condition cos am a nursing mum and yet to work after i have written my NCLEX.
  5. by   rkm
    This is an excellent job opportunity for all PI nurses, now that the US market and demand for nurses has ended, probably for good. So, all Pinoy nurses should troop to KSA asap. Hooray!
  6. by   asawanimomo
    Quote from weetziebat
    Barbie, I worked in Saudi for eight years. Most of that in Riyadh. I absolutely loved it. The last time I was there was in Sept. '05

    hi weetziebat i am 23 year old female rn from the philippines and would like to ask you (because you have the most positive experience here and i am really happy with that) if the u.s embassy is in riyadh? because i might work there and be leaving this coming march and i would like to process my u.s visa there. i would also like to know about your work experience in ksa, about the lows and ups of it. i would really like to hear about your stories. it is my first time leaving the philippines (i would be working in one of the hospitals in riyadh) and i am really scared especially for the bad reputation of that country. i really want to be positive about my perception about that country and be prepared emotionally and mentally about the negatives of that country so that i would not be shocked and i can expect those things. i really really like to know about your experiences there. thank you for the help and reply. sorry for the long note. i think i just feel anxious for the things i don't know. thank you very much.
  7. by   bayernurse
    I've read the posts about the pros and cons in working in KSA...My dad wants me to work there since he is also working in KSA. He said that I can earn and save up since it's tax free...free food, accomodation, the like. I'm still kind of hesitant but I don't want to pay for a VOLUNTEER program here in the Philippines just to gain experience since Saudi is not requiring nurses to have relevant experience..I'm not that rich to pay for programs like that. I think that it's time for me to "repay" my parents' effort since my course is sooo expensive...
  8. by   fashionguru
    Hi everyone,
    i am also considering going to saudi for nursing and have found a lot of useful information on the forums.... just wondering exactly what the money is like... besides being "good" money? i am a canadian citizen, canadian trained nurse, currently working in miami. i was making $28 / hr in canada with my 4 years experience and making $23 / hr in miami. does anyone know exact dollar figures for areas in saudi?
  9. by   Victoriakem
    Remember that your housing will be covered, so the pay, which will also likely be tax free may be equivalent to what you're getting now. I would encourage you to apply to Aramco in Dhahran. I am an American ER nurse, but since I"m here with my husband as a casual employment, I cannot work here as a nurse. You have to hired from your country of origin. Aramco is a huge compound with gyms, parks, commissaries & life is better here than working for another hospital with few recreational resources. I hope to be hired by Saad Hospital in Al Khobar with as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, as I've had training in that area. You will have to wear the abaya when off camp but it's no big deal & always go out with your friends. Dhahran is also a short drive away from Bahrain, which is the local party center in this part of the world, so you'll be able to get out & have fun. Good luck!
  10. by   BonesGilmore
    Hi Barbie...
    Does your shift really last 12 hours? Or the 4 hours just overtime?
    How were you able to resign?
    Did you fly with friends? Were you assigned on the same hospital?
  11. by   BonesGilmore
    You know guys it's weird to now post on this forum because before, I used to just surf for stuff that can tell me more about Saudi and hopefully help me make a decision if I would really be ready to start my nursing career in a foreign and socially secluded country. But now that I'm here, I'm glad I took the leap. It's so not a bed of roses but it's not bad like I thought it would be. I'm learning a lot now not just professionally. I guess I'm also lucky that here in Jeddah, it's not really strict.