endorsement of cali license to illinois --no SSN needed!

  1. Hi i would just like to ask regarding my status, by the way i'm a foreign trained/educated nurse from the philippines but i already have a visa screen via passing the cgfns & ielts and at the same time i already passed my california nclex. The predicament is that i don't have a ssn even though i already passed the necessay exams and requirements. Now i was thinking of endorsing my california nclex without ssn to illinois. Does illinois bon accept such endorsement and please tell me the steps/procedures in doing so, including the fees. by the way i'm still here in the philippines. thanks in advance.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    the link to all boards of nursing (bon)found at bottom each website page.
    nclex is a nursing exam whose results are used by all bon, not a state specific exam..

    illinois website is difficult to navigate.

    requirements for an internationally educated nurse:

    answering your questions

    if you are endorsing a current active license from another jurisdiction of the united states and can verify passing the nclex then request or print an "application by endorsement for an rn".

    social security number (ssn) requirement

    applicants who have obtained a social security number are required to disclose their social security number at the time of initial application and renewal.

    applicants who have not yet arrived in the united states and may not have obtained a social security number but are planning on residing in the united states will not be required to provide a social security number at the time of application. however, the applicant will be required to provide their ssn at the time of renewal.

    [font=symbolmt][font=symbolmt]*applicants who cannot obtain a social security number because they do not intend to reside in the united states are required to obtain a letter from the social security administration or other appropriate government entity (consulate etc.) indicating the applicant will never be issued a ssn.

    applicants who will not be residing in the united states and who are unable to secure a letter from the social security administration or other appropriate government entity will be required to file an affidavit regarding social security nursing with the department attesting to the fat they are unable to obtain a ssn. the applicant will also be required to attest to the fact that if they obtain their ssn, they will be required to provide the number in writing to the department.
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    Congratulations!!!!! could you please clarify the "cgfns & ielts" what do we have to do??
    always nice to learn from others experiences... Good luck to you.
  5. by   daloi
    hi mojo. the best thing you should do is to look for an employer to sponsor you for an H-1B visa because even if you will endorse your license to another state, you cannot apply for a job without ssn. the only visa for nurses available today since the retrogression is an h1b visa but for your employer to be able to sponsor you for an h1b visa, you need to have a specialty, I mean going back to graduate school to take up clinical nurse practitioner, advance practice psychiatric nurse, nurse manager etc and I know that these courses are not available in the Philippines. I know its hard but I know that it will be very difficult for you to look for an employer. even if you will come here as a tourist you will not be issued an ssn. its hard but thats the truth.