Canadian Immigration question (when to apply for nursing reg)

  1. I'm not too sure if I'm being a bit dense or what.. but I'm looking at applying for a skilled migrants visa in Canada and can't seem to make sense of the order of application.

    So you apply for a job and gain an offer of employment, start applying for nursing registration and then apply for the visa.

    That I understand. But as part of nursing registration you need to sit the CRNE in Canada.. which then takes 6-8wks until you know your results (and can't work in Canada at this time) and THEN you have to wait for your visa to come through.

    Obviously to be in Canada to sit the exam.. but at $2500 for a return flight... or stay and not work for 2 months being very costly... What do people do!!

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has managed to make the move to Canada!!
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    2 questions here so would request any further questions on registering as a RN in Canada is placed in the Nurse registration forum

    Regarding immigration the FSW route is closed at the moment unless you find a employer and even then the process is taking over 12 months to get PR. If you find a employer willing to get a LMO you can apply for a Temp Work Permit (TWP) and be in Canada working whilst waiting for PR however employers will only look at you if you have eligibility to sit CRNE or have passed CRNE. If you have eligibility to sit CRNE then you can get a temp license which allows you to work in the country under the supervision of a RN whilst waiting to sit CRNE but will still be required to meet TWP requirements which is LMO and pass medical and application usually done in your country as medical needs to be done before TWP will be authorized. FSW is closed at the moment if you do not have a employer and a new list is out in Jan and not sure if nurses will be on it.

    Therefore the starting point would be meeting provincial college of RN requirements and if necessary you will be required to sit some form of assessment before eligibility will be given and from a few we have seen posting most have had to do some form of course before eligibility was given for the CRNE. This meant some had to get a student visa and come over to Canada for 12 months or more to do the course which was expensive.
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