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Hi everyone! I am trying very hard to make a career change. I have dreampt of becoming a Nurse for years and now have the opportunity and support to do it...but have to do it ASAP. I have to complete 12 credits for my BS, which registered for today. I am desperately trying to get into an accelerated BS to BSN for the Spring, which I know is next to impossible due to the programs pre-reqs. One class I am taking right now is Microbiology, but need A&P 1 ans 2 and Chemistry it looks like. I actually took an A&P, but I do not think it qualifies because it doesn't specify 1 and 2. I am applying everywhere. Molly, LIU, Adelphi, Pace. I am applying as Undeclared because I do not have my BS or pre-reqs yet and figure they will probably deny me. Any advice with this? I figured that I could at least take A&P. Does anyone know of schools that offer A&P in block courses (half semester) so that I may be able to complet them in the same semester. I am really trying to think outside of the box so that I can make this happen. I would hate to miss out on my dream!

I have been doing a ton of research, but do you have any advice. I thought of just trying to transfer my credits immediately, taking my pre-req and then I would definitely be ready for the Spring. Does anyone know of programs where that is possible? Does anyone know who has the highest acceptance rates. I live on Long Island (by Molloy) and definitely open to commute almost anywhere within an hour or more.

Sorry for so many questions! I would really appreciate any advice!

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To answer a couple of your questions:

You need the full sequence of A&P: each part should be 4 credits with a lab.

I do not know of any schools that accelerate each part of A&P in half-semesters in the NY/LI area. In a traditional 15 week semester, you'll be going 6 hours a week (3 lecture, 3 lab). Even in the summer, it would be a tight squeeze.

Why the big hurry? If you're working while you're doing it, it's almost impossible to do an accelerated prorgam. Even without working, it's gonna kick your @$$.