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While nursing may not be an ideal profession, I am certainly not an ideal professional. I don't like holding the same job for more than a couple of years. At first I thought that I had a I'm trying to turn my love for change into an asset.

I want to try it all in nursing... CCU, OR, Psych, ED, Neuro, L&D, Med-Surg, etc., etc. Maybe eventually I'll settle down, but for now as a beginner I don't think it is necessary.

Any tips for this rolling stone to not have a nursing career in one specialty, but nursing careers in many specialties.

You know what's scary... I might like floating!!! Please tell me that it is okay to switch around. Otherwise, I might have to shell out $$$ for therapy. Thanks.



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Many hospitals have a "float pool" or "resource pool" or similar department. These nurses are oriented to work on several different floors and then go where they are needed most. Some places (like my hospital) require that you get a couple of years experience before allowing you to do that because nurses who do that sort of thing need to be sufficiently competent to adapt to the different environment, patient populations, etc.

Long term, you might enjoy a Clinical Nurse Specialist role. CNS's perform a variety of functions (staff development, clinical consultation, a little management, policy and procedure development, research, etc.) So the work is highly variable. I have spent most of my career as a CNS and have enjoyed it because of the variety. I don't like to do the same thing day after day and prefer a job in which I get to do a variety of different things. CNS jobs usually require a Master's Degree and a couple of years of experience in your chosen specialty.

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I too have a low boredom threshold, and although I love nursing I love variety. That is the reason I ended up in unit management. Some days I do patient care, some days teach, lead or attend meetings, participate in teams or projects, develop policies, participate in research, etc.

There is nothing wrong with job building for career enhancement. That is not job hopping. The thing to always remember is never tell your currentpeers that you're bored. It's Ok after a while to say, "now I think I'd like to try to build skills in ...." If you don't burn bridges you're welcome anywhere.


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If learning different areas and floating makes you happy. Then it will make others around you happier also. I love working around happy nurses.


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I have been a nurse since 1990 and had a great diversified other career option would have offered so much variety......When I became a "new" nurse, my first concern was WHAT field do I go into?????? Well, I have dabbled with this and that and found my special likes and really very few dislikes.....When I interview now, most places are very pleased by my background and the diversity that my nursing career has had......Go for it! If you want action, Emergency Room is a place where things are often happening......Start with your likes and if you want to float...Hey, that is great....For me, I traveled as a R.N. for the last two years and LOVED it...the last place I worked was above the Artic in a Native Village in Kotzebue, Alaska....Just prior to Alaska, I was in Tucson, Arizona.....So, you want variety, eh????? Welcome to the world of Nursing *smiles*

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