Advice from nurses - Any good PCP recommendations in the Portland-metro area?

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I know this post isn't related to nursing, per se, so I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I am trying to find a PCP in or around Portland, OR (I live in SE, Gladstone area), and I'm not sure how to go about that. I don't want to see the docs I work with, because I work with them. Likewise, if I had to be hospitalized, I wouldn't want to be put into the hospital I work in since that is where the docs have privileges. Looking online for ratings doesn't seem to be very effective, because those are ratings from people who find lobby wait time to be as important as the care they perceive to get. So, I thought, who better than health professionals to give me advice on great ones in the area?

I'm really only interested in a female. A nurse practitioner is preferred, but not required. I want to find someone who is competent and thorough, and also kind, caring, empathetic, and takes time to listen. The type of docs who run in an out, lecture you, or don't listen, are NOT what I am looking for.

As stupid as it sounds being a nurse and working with providers and having no problems with it, I have severe anxiety about seeing providers for personal reasons. I want to find a good person to see so that I can feel comfortable continuing to go and not neglect myself any longer.

Any advice? I don't know if it is appropriate to post on here, so anyone that has any is free to send me a private message.


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Moved to Oregon forum...hopefully some folks can point you in the right direction. :)

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We cannot endorse/recommend any healthcare provider per TOS, Katie Bell. I'm sorry, but we'll have to close this thread

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