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Advice:Non-nursing Bachelor's potential Accelerated MSN

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I graduated last August with a Bachelor's in Health Care Adminsitration. Upon graduation and after a hundred job applications, I have been working for a large hospital as a secretary for one year. I now realize that I want to be in direct patient care and am looking into Accelerated MSN programs for students that have a Bachelor's degree in something other than nursing. The first 3 semesters will be catch up, and upon completion I will have the equivalent of a BSN. Then I have to complete 3-5 more semesters to get a MSN, depending on the course of study. What do you all think?

Welcome to allnurses! :balloons: You can find lots of info and support/encouragement here.

There are a number of existing threads here discussing the pros and cons, and members' opinions, of direct-entry MSN programs. You could do a search and review them if you're interested. You may also want to check out the Graduate Student forum -- lots of info and discussion there.


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ASHJ5153...I did an accelerated program for a BSN like you are describing and it was wonderful. I too had a non-nursing bachelors and didn't need to repeat a lot of the classes I took toward that degree. The Accelerated program lets you focus on the nursing components. I had the option of going on for my MSN after completing the BSN but I chose to go to work and haven't regretted it. You will have a VERY busy time during the program but it is so worth it! :nurse:

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