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Advice on new nursing position.

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Hello all!

I have a few questions, I will be interviewing this Friday for a couple positions such as ; ER, SICU, VICU and a new unit opening called the intermediate care surgical vascular unit. I know the ER is a fast paced place to work and the patient to nurse ratio is more than that on an icu unit. I think what I am looking for are peoples opinions that have worked on the units, as far if they liked it, disliked it and what the duties of the RNs were on the units also what staff is utilized and for what tasks,such as I know in ICU Rn do total patient care. I have spent the majority of my career working in juvenile corrections, big big difference. I have refereed to myself over the years as a boo boo nurse that's when the kids come see me for accidents, headaches, pains, and itches :0). any information you can give me will help me greatly on deciding where to take this next step in my career.

Thank you.


Specializes in Emergency room, Neurosurgery ICU.

I started my career in ER, fast-paced, fun, difficult, quite a learning curve. I loved it. No techs, but we did have EMT-P's to help out, and a few LPNs, until we didn't our facility one day just told the LPNs, hey, you're not wanted in ER anymore :( Ratio wasn't really something any of us worried or even though about. When triaged properly, those things just kind of work themselves out. You learn quickly to prioritize and critical thinking is a must.

I worked NeuroICU next, 2:1 ratio, but I loved the 1:1's (trached, vented, 4-6 drips, night shift, no family), the most neurologically "unsound" patients were my favorite cases, made the shift go quickly! We did utilize PCT's (patient care techs) they helped with baths, blood sugars, turns, lifts, keeping an eye on restless patients, emptying foleys, running labs that couldn't be tubed (and the ever important food runs for staff and patients!)

Being able to be comfortable in your abilities, ask questions (even if they seem stupid or "obvious" to you). Be willing to use every opportunity to learn.

Any of these units is going to be a big change from where you are now. Find out if "tours" of each are possible. I might even ask for a half to full shift shadow in each to see where I fit better, thus making a better, more informed decision., when and if offered positions.


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