Advice on nerves??


I have my cardiac/respiratory scenario critique today and I swear I'm having chests pains lol!! I know this stuff forward, backward and inside out but every time I'm critiqued on a skill I let my nerves get the best of me and I don't demonstrate my ability well. The funny thing is I'm not like this when I work with my patients. I mean I'm always nervous but I have better control over it. I think it may just be because I have an instructor hovering and grading me on it, and our lab skills are pass/fail. Any tips or tricks for working through? I've practiced and practiced and I'm still so worried!!

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Rather than keep telling yourself how nervous you are, try telling yourself that you will be calm, cool, and collected even though Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton, recently brought back to life, will be observing in your school's lab today. Change the message you give your brain, and your fight-or-flight maneuvers will back way the heck down. Mean it.


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What I did is during open labs I would ask my instructors to do a run through. I would ask them not to stop me or anything until the end. Really its like you're getting to take the test first and then get a grade, and then you get to practice and go back and take it again. And bring it up to your instructor that you feel nervous, talking about my nerves usually helps ease them. You got this, and good luck!