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Hello everyone! After reading a few posts about interviews, I have a question. I graduate Aug. 5th. How far in advance to new grads start interviewing? Some posts here mentioned signing contracts as early as three months before graduation. Is that the norm? Do most hospitals actually hire that early? Any advice will be helpful! Thanks!


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It would be a good idea to start "shopping" around now. Get information from the places that you are interested in working. See what they have to offer new grads.

I graduated in Dec 04. I started putting out applications in October 04. I did my interviews in November. When I graduated I knew where I was going to work.

Hope this helps.

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i agree...start looking at places now. i started in april of my graduating year, and interviewed at 6 different places. spending time on the unit talking to the staff really, really helps. pay attention to small details because it seems that's what sticks out later. :uhoh3: i wouldn't wait too much longer! good luck. :)

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I graduated in Jun 03. Put my resumes out in March. Interviewed in April at 6 places...received 6 job offers...accepted a position in early May. Definitely start early so you can hopefully end up on the unit of your choice. A lot of facilities can only handle orienting so many new grads at a time.

Best wishes!!!!! :balloons:

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