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Hey there,

I'm currently an Australian high school student and I'm rather interested in nursing as a possible career.

I've been looking into completing a course next year which will allow me to become an Enrolled Nurse.

However, I'm just wondering if this qualification is of any use in other countries such as the UK or the US or If I would need to be a Registered Nurse in order to work overseas? Also, what else is involved in being able to work as a nurse in another country If I was to first complete my studies in Australia?


In the US, you'd have to decide what state you wanted to work in, then apply to their Board of Nursing to sit for the NCLEX exam. They'd evaluate your curriculum from nursing school to make sure it was adequate, issue you authorization to test, and then you'd take the NCLEX. If you passed, you'd have a license in that state.

Some states allow nurses from other states to work there through what's known as compact licensure, but that's not the case with all states.

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