Advice Needed Interview with Dominion Hospital Psych Tech Position

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My name is Stephanie and I am a new LPN graduate who received my LPN license this past November with no job in site. Though I applied to numerous places through out the DC Metro Area. I applied as a Psych Tech at Dominion Hospital and the HR lady just called me to set up an interview for tomorrow afternoon. I'm usually not too good with interviews , advice strongly needed. I just hope she doesn't turn me away because I lack experience. I've gotten that story a lot for the past couple of months. Any advice is appreciated.

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I have done a couple clinical rotations there, it seems like a pretty laidback place. I have been told by other new grad lpns to be prepared for a "behavioral" style of interview. You may be able to look this up online. LPN 2010 ( I think it was 2010 ) had an article called How To Ace Your Behavioral Interview. This may not happen to you, but I would prepare just in case. The interviewer will ask questions such as "Tell me about a time when someone was compassionate to you". I would bring copies of any certifications such as your BLS, or any comendations you may have recieved at a prior job, your nursing and or high school transcript/s, all neatly placed in a three-ring binder for your potential employer to be able to quickly look through. ( I always state at the time that I can provide originals if necessary.) I would also have a few questions on hand to ask your employer #1 because you need to know about the place you will be working, #2 I think it indicates to the employer that you intend to stay for awhile, and want to be happy at your job. You may want to review your psych meds just to be comfortable with the names in case they are brought up during the interview. Dominion has a few different units such as pedriatric, adult, adult outpatient, eating disorders etc. you may be able to find out more at their website. I really liked the staff there a LOT! Good luck, I hope you get the job.:)