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Advice Needed - Did I blow my opportunity?


Hey All,

So a little background info - I am currently an ADN program student with about 10 months until graduation. I also work as a tech at a small level 4 ER at 0.7 FTE (56 hours/pay period). I've been applying to my dream hospital's ER for the last year with no call for interview at all for a tech position there.

Finally, when I was about to give up, I received a SUPER last minute e-mail for a group interview invite from the manager. The message read "I know this is short notice. If you can't make it today, we will most likely be holding another interview in the next few weeks" followed by all of the details of where and when the interview would be held. She had sent me this email THREE HOURS BEFORE THE SCHEDULE OF THE INTERVIEW. I had not seen it until an hour after the interview had already passed. Imagine how bummed I was!

So of course, I immediately respond saying something along the lines of how I regret missing the opportunity to interview and will follow up in one week on the details of the other "interview in the next weeks". I let a whole week pass with no response from the manager. Sooooo.. I email the lady again recognizing how busy she might be but am requesting any new details about a future interview. Still no response.

A position here as a tech would have helped me get a foot in the door with an extremely competitive ER residency. Their tech's are paid much more and have a wider scope of practice (phlebotomy) than my current hospital --- 2 things extremely helpful for a nursing student.

So, any ideas of what I should do at this point?

They sound unorganized to me and like they were in a pinch. If they are truly interested they will keep your name on their short list. Don't give up hope!

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forgot something

Thank you! I've been trying to just tell myself that it wasn't the right time for me. Just gotta keep chugging along.