Advice Needed - Calling out Michigan nurses!


Hi everyone!

I am a new grad nurse who just recently passed the NCLEX (failed 2x and passed on the third try). I have endorsed my nursing license for Michigan and have my number and everything. I will be living in Madison Heights, so anywhere in the Metro Detroit area would be where I would like to work. Here are some things that I have questions on:

1) I have been applying to jobs, but no luck yet. Do you have any tips that will help me land that job? I have one general resume and I tailor my cover letters to that specific job.

2) Which hospitals would you recommend that you think is best and why. So far, I've applied to Beaumont, University of Michigan, Henry Ford, and St. John Macomb.

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

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Depending on the job market, you may need to expand your search beyond just hospital positions. Not familiar with that area, but there are some areas that have a surplus of new grad nurses and not enough acute care positions for all of them. Nursing experience outside of the acute care area is definitely an option.

What degree do you currently hold? Some employers are preferring, requiring, or requiring completion of a BSN within a set time frame.


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Thank you for the reply. I currently hold a BSN. What other key words should I add in my search?