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Advice needed! (ABSN-MSN vs BSN-MSN)

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Hello all!

When I started doing my pre-reqs, I figured I'd have plenty of time to finish them up but it looks like I will be done summer 2012

There are a few local options for me although I'm really only considering 2 local schools but may expand that. Only one of them has a BSN-MSN combo.

I finish summer 2012 with pre-reqs for most schools I've looked at. The school I really want to go to has a summer start ABSN-MSN. So that won't work. They have a fall start BSN-MSN though which isn't accelerated. So if I start in fall 2012, I'd finish May/June 2014 and start MSN in fall 2014. If I waited until summer 2013 to start, I'd finish August 2014 and start MSN in fall 2014. So no real difference on MSN start date.

The biggest benefit I see to starting summer 2013 is I have a good paying job and I am saving money to pay for school. Also, since I've just started pre-reqs, my academic references are fairly limited

Another option I have is to apply for a second degree BSN at the state school but I'd then have to apply for a MSN program separately. The real advantage here is that it is a bit cheaper although if I got a partial scholarship from the other school, I'd choose it hands down even if it still cost more.

So.. What would you do if you were me?

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