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Advice? Med inventory and ordering


Specializes in Operating Room, CNOR. Has 11 years experience.

Hello all!

I will be taking over medication inventory and ordering at my ambulatory surgery center, and I am looking for resources.

I am an Operating Room nurse, but now my time will be divided with this job as well.

I used to order meds for a smaller clinic (2 ORs) and never had to order narcotics. Well, this place is about 3 times as big (4 operating rooms, 2 pain procedure rooms, pre and post-op). I will be ordering all meds including narcotics once I get my DEA license. I will also be doing monthly checking and disposal of expiring/expired meds.

Have any other nurses done this? I am looking for resources and ideas. The nurse who used to do this is leaving in a week and doing her best to show me the ropes but the clock is ticking.

In the small clinic, I would just browse through the shelves and see what needed ordering. This new job seems pretty overwhelming, especially with the medication shortages and back-orders. I am scared to forget to order something important, have surgeries cancelled, etc!!

I am pretty excited, actually; I love "behind the scenes" solo independent task-y work. I think I will be well-suited to this once I get my bearings.

Websites? Ideas? Advice?

Thanks in advance!