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ADVICE!!! L.Arends Microbiology Notes


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I've been studing mirco a wk now and I just recieved Lisa Arends micro cd yesterday. I think she did a great job with her notes (comparing to what I was studying). She puts things together so you can understand what you are trying to learn. My question is for those of you that used her Micro notes to take your exam or are currently using her notes to study for your test. With sooo much info, would it be best if I read the whole thing and then really focused on her (100 things to know about Micro)? Also are her quizes and practice exams simular the EC micro exam?

Any advice? Please...

I reallllllly want an A on this Exam.

I 'm taking it around the 2nd wk in Dec


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I had her Micro notes, but didn't use them very heavily -- I read a great book called "Microbiology Demystified," and I also did the EC practice exams. There were a few "duh?!" areas for me that I had to read in the textbook just to make sure I got it. It seems to me, in hindsight, that no one's practice exams are like the real thing except for EC's practice exams! :) But I did skim her notes and read the "100 things," and I recall them being helpful.